Live casino games are getting very popular daily as they come up with many benefits. The เสือมังกร game is one of them, which are very simple and interesting game. It is a combination of baccarat and casino war which include live games. It is a unique game where you play against the other hand, not the dealer. Here, you must pick out the cards and place a bet on the two sides.

Knowing the game and the payouts

  • This game is easy and simple, but it’s important to fully understand this before starting to play with real money.
  • It’s important to understand the tips and rules of the game to increase the winning chances.
  • You should also know aou8t the payouts, as they are different at online casinos.
  • You should find the best and high payouts offering casinos which would help in increasing the winning rate.

Play fewer games

The dragon tiger game is fast-paced, so it’s important to use this strategy to avoid playing more games. If you play more games, there are chances of losing more money. On the other hand, playing a few hands per hour and managing your bankroll would help you reduce losses. This would increase your chances of winning the games without losing money.

Stick to one side

There are two sides to this game, one is the dragon side, and another is the tiger side. You should choose and stick to either side to play more effectively. This could help you to win more instead of switching sides constantly. So for effective gameplay, it is better to stick to one side and avoid switching sides.

Do not follow patterns.

This game is a game of chance where you can play without following any strategy. If you win using one tactic, you should not make it a pattern and follow it every time. Just keep in mind some basic tips and avoid following patterns to improve your chances of winning.

Avoid betting on a suited tie.

Betting on a tie or suited tie is better avoided, as many game experts suggest. The tie offers large odds, which usually attracts people to try it. However, this payout could be less, and the chances of losing money are higher. In addition, the chances of winning a tie bet are comparatively low if you stick to one side. So it’s better to avoid a tie bet.

Checking winning trend

To place bets on the right side, it’s important to know the winning trend. You should keep an eye on whose side is winning the most and place your bets accordingly. The live dealer casinos would display a history of past games when you place your first few bets.

Card counting technique

This technique can be very helpful in increasing the winning chances. Watching for a lot of low cards to be drawn before playing would be beneficial in placing the right bets. So to win the hand, you should see more high cards than low cards. Overall avoiding mistakes and keeping track of basic strategies would help you win more bets.

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