Over the last few years, the meal delivery scene has changed dramatically. Customers can now order pre-portioned meal packages to prepare themselves or have completely prepared meals from their favorite restaurant delivered to their door, rather than being confined to pizza or Chinese cuisine. Food delivery technology allows consumers to plan or order on the move, adjusting to the changing habits of today’s shoppers, making it helpful to choose the best meal kit delivery service.

The Impact of Technology on the Food Industry

Online best meal kit delivery service allows customers to browse menus from various restaurants, place orders, and have their meal delivered to their door for free. Some of these businesses have partnered with Google to allow customers to initiate an order through the Google Maps app. Customers can order ahead of time via smartphone apps at fast-food restaurants, allowing them to skip the lines. Domino’s has added text, smartwatch, and zero-click ordering to their menu.

Vending machines and delivery vans that cook your pizza on the route to your home or business are examples of other pizza delivery advancements. It reduces delivery time and ensures that your order arrives fresh and hot.

Trends in food delivery to watch in 2020

With technological advancements, the internet foodservice sector is no longer limited to supplying its consumers through labor. They may increase delivery speed and minimize operational costs by incorporating parachutes, robots, and drones into their deliveries.


In 2016, Dominos delivered two pizzas to a client in less than five minutes. Drone deliveries avoid traffic and thus minimize delivery time, saving corporations money on operating costs.


Starship Technologies have produced droids for food delivery in the UK, combining AI and self-driving cars. Within a 10-kilometer radius, these six-wheeled droids may reach speeds of up to 4 km/h. It also has GPS navigation, cameras, and ethernet to consumers connected.


Customers can wait in the drop-off spot marked with an X at the designated time and pick up their meal, also known as a float-down eatery; it is a unique way of delivering food.

What is causing shoppers to change their shopping habits?

For the food sector, convenience has become a huge selling point. Speed of delivery is cited as a primary element for satisfaction by 60% of consumers across markets. They’re increasingly turning to online platforms, which is a trend that gets predicted to continue in the food industry. Consumers are also on the lookout for new experiences, and web apps allow them to test out new eateries with which they are unfamiliar. Meal kit delivery services are becoming more popular among time-strapped couples and lone diners looking for alternatives to prepare fresh, healthful meals at home.

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