Today, crackle wick candle are becoming more popular as they are becoming famous because of their look and fragrance. It is amazing to watch a wooden wick candle as it gives a sparkle radiant glow, which attracts you towards it.

Often, these candles are made with all ecofriendly and natural produced substances which don’t provide any harm to the environment. However, as these candles are somehow different from the traditional cotton candles, so it is important to keep some concern in order to keep burning for a long time.

Make first burn the right one

It is very important to burn the first candle at the right way. It is required to give enough burning time to the candle in order to create a melted wax pool which undergoes to the container’s edge on its use at the first time. This mainly depends on the size of the candle.

If, in case, you don’t give proper time to give a full burn at the first time, then it may cause a little tunnel form which forms at the side of the wick. This can become a difficult process as the wax gets fixed at the jar edges, which eventually causes an effect on the tunneling with each new burn. So to overcome this issue, it is required to give proper time for your candle to burn.

Make sure to trim your crackle wick

It is essential to maintain the size and length of the wick. It should not be too long and needs to be proper cleanly trimmed when going for burning because the wax is already making it upward through the wick. So if in case this is not trimmed properly, then the wax of the candle can’t reach to the flame.

So in order to keep the perfect burn, it is required to keep the wick trimmed about 1/8 part as this makes it shorter and trimmed, which will make it easy to get burned. Also, make sure that the candle is properly cooled down before going for the trimming process.

Fixing the tunneling candle

Sometimes, you observe that your candle is turning into little tunneling with shorter burns; you can easily burn the candle by fixing this problem. The flame height is important to get a perfect burn in order to create a melted pool.

If in case the candle isn’t able to stay lit for a long time because of its drowning in the wax pool. So this issue can be solved by using a proper napkin or a paper towel which can be used to get away the excess wax.

Thus, always remember crackle wick candle is used for the purpose of lighting your ambiance with a warm and good fragrance. The above practices can be kept in mind when you are going to make lit to your candle. This will ensure to give you a whole new experience with nice wick candles for your place.

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