The series of GTA is quite impressive, especially GTA 5. It emerged in 2013, and the game still sustained its hype. If a comparison is done, you find some new features in GTA 5 that is missing in GTA 4. The unique feature is the single-player mode. The purpose is to add the single-player feature that enjoys gaming in multi-players, which cannot be disabled. So in Grand theft auto 5, you can leave the game anytime you want.

It sounds fascinating to game players, who are inclined towards the game. Apart from these, new weapons are included, like a katana sword and basketball. To get more entertainment, you can go with GTA modded account in which police cars remember to identify the critical character despite hanging back. Below listed are the other features of the top trendy gta 5 android game.


A very significant feature of GTA 5 maps. It displayed the depict regions that are hard to recognize directly. It boos up the players to smoothly locate the next mission’s points throughout the game. With the help of a map, a player can prevent himself from getting lost. In addition, without any complexity, you can detect the vehicles and sceneries in-game. All the players should install the PS3 and Xbox 360 to enable the map feature.

Plane selection

All the players offer an abundance of planes throughout the gaming section. The player’s choice to go with one of them is up to mark and much suited to him. Planes, cars and bikes are the other vehicles used by GTA 5 online. But planes are operated differently because flying vehicles modify the control system utterly. So features of the entire plane are pretty different; you can go through with all of them while making a selection.


The game is also famous for the five modes, that are why it is called excellent auto theft 5. In this, players have to select one modded account. Moreover, the game is based on missions. A player should opt for one mission, then limits are applied to a mission that should adhere to him. In all modes, the popular one is Natural vision Remastered, in which players can smartly win.


The interesting fact about the GTA 5 is that players can customize their clothes and cars as per their choice. Indeed, they have to invest a handsome amount in the game for this. It demonstrates that players have to spend their earning coins while making changes in GTA 5 android. After alluring the varieties in costumes, not a single player resisted opting for excellent costumes.


GTA 5 is a bundle of games mission as tennis, golf, and cycling. For instance, if players feel bored with one game style, they will have an excellent chance to explore the gaming section. From this, a player can choose the game as per his choice. The write up explains the features of gta 5 android. If you are not interested in a single theme, you should go with some other popular GTA modded account.

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